VIDEO: Ellen Rarely Cries, So You Know When She Loses It This Is A Special Story

It’s not every day that you see Ellen get emotional and cry. That’s how you know, that when she does its for a good reason. Ellen has a big heart and huge spot of it is for animals. A few years ago Ellen adopted a puppy. She got the puppy fixed, and put a lot into training it.

After a little while, she discovered that she just didn’t have the time she needed to give to the puppy. So she gave the puppy to a close friend, and co-worker. The organization found out and took the puppy out of the families home. Ellen was devastated, that the organization would do such a thing, even when the puppy had a great, loving home. Ellen broke down on camera telling the story.

Viewers are used to seeing a funny, high energy, joking, and happy Ellen. So when they saw her get so emotional, it was definitely a tear jerker. Ellen begged the organization to give the puppy back, she felt very quilty, and responsible for what had happened.

It was already hard enough for that puppy to be in foster care. It had a forever home, there was no reason for the organization to take the puppy back. In some situations, the rules just shouldn’t apply. They should have at least given the family a chance. Maybe let them go through the same application process, or gone and checked out their home. Ellen is a very sweet person, and this just proved it even more.

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