VIDEO: Ellen Gives Her A Car, And She Freaks Out. But Wait Until Her Husband Finds Out…

Ellen is a woman who wants to make sure her fans are cared for in every way possible. She is known for giving away prizes to those in the audience. There are also times when she gives things to people who are in need.

A man who is in the National Guard calls the show while his wife is in the audience. He tells Ellen that he missed their tenth wedding anniversary. His wife goes on stage to talk to Ellen about their marriage and where he is stationed. Ellen reveals that she knows that the family car is in need of repair.

Because of the condition of the car, the woman isn’t able to go see her husband. The woman is then surprised with a new Ford Escape. She is now able to go see her husband while he is away.

However, that’s not the end of the surprises. Ellen pretends that she doesn’t know where the keys are, looking to get them from someone on the set. The wife is surprised when her husband walks out with the keys and flowers. Ellen also treats them to dinner that evening. This is one of the touching stories that Ellen makes happen.

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