VIDEO: Elephants Graze In The Field, But When Camera Capture THIS I Can’t Stop Smiling

Elephants are pretty amazing creatures. They are extremely intelligent. In fact their memory can span many years. Elephants can also show signs of happiness, joy and other emotions.

Additionally, researchers believe that elephants are able to communicate long distances via a sub sonic rumble, which travels faster than air. Not only are elephants very intelligent, but they are also cute and playful.

Unfortunately, in many places in the world, elephants are in danger. Many elephants in the wild have died as the result of poaching and habitat destruction. Thailand has a park called Elephant Nature Park that provides a sanctuary for elephants. The elephants are able to play, roam and feast at the park. Visitors can also spend some time with the elephants. Most of the elephants at Elephant Nature Park have been rescued from illegal logging or tourist industries.

There was recently a video posted online of the elephants at the park. There is a baby elephant in the group, and he decided to put on a show once he sees the camera. He is rolling around and playing. The video of the baby elephant has become very popular. It has already been liked over 153,000 times on Facebook.

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