VIDEO: During Their Vows The Bride Can’t Stop Her Laughing. But Then It Gets Worse. LOL!

This bride to be takes her nervous laughing to a new level. As the groom gets passed along to the bride, it’s obvious that he’s nervous about the next stage of his life and reciting his vows correctly. He begins to breathe heavily, prompting his bride to tell him to relax his knees and take a deep breath.

As the groom calms himself down, the bride begins to chuckle at the situation as they recite their vows in front of the priest. The bride’s laugh quickly accelerates from just a brief chuckle to a fully realized laugh attack. Her nervousness gets the best of her and she breaks down on the alter by laughing herself silly.

As the church erupts in laughter to help ease the awkwardness, the bride finally regains her composure to finish her part of the vows, leaving the groom and priest with big grins.

As the two finish the ceremony, the bride again breaks down into laughter, presumably from her nervousness of getting married. At this point, the priest doesn’t look very amused at how long the ceremony has taken to complete, but it all works out in the end.

Hopefully the bride wasn’t laughing at her future husband!

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