VIDEO: Drug Dealers Had NO Idea They Were On A Live News Broadcast When They Did The Unthinkable

In 2013, Fox 25 news was doing a standard report on the effects of the snowy weather and the issues it caused for the people of Worcester.

Jim, the reporter who was on the scene didn’t realize he would be standing in front of, what seemed to be a drug deal. Jim gave a detailed report of the cities plowing procedures and the cities preparations for the snow.

During his report two men walked on camera behind Jim, both wearing black. The shook hands, which clearly was an exchange. The buyer put what is suspected to be the drugs in his back pocket and stood a while, waiting for the dealer to count the money that was given. Once the dealer counted the money he was given, and seemed to be satisfied both of the men nodded and walked off camera.

When Jim had finished his report he sent it back to the news anchors, who had shocked expressions and were both holding back laughter. Whether these men were using the opportunity to make people laugh, or actually making a deal, is open for speculation. But either way they succeeded in showing all those watching some obviously suspicious, very funny behavior.

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