VIDEO: Don’t Take Your Eyes Off The Lady In The Middle As 35 Military Wives Line Up On Stage

Men and women in the military dedicate their lives to our country each and every day. There is no greater sacrifice these soldiers can make than to put their own lives at risk for the freedom and safety of others.

As honorable as this may be, it can’t possibly be easy for them. They say goodbye to friends and family, not knowing if they will be fortunate enough to return to their loved ones after they serve their country. Yet, the loved ones suffer too. Being back home while the soldier they love is away is definitely no easy feat.

It must be increasingly difficult for the spouses of these soldiers, knowing that even if they do return home safely, the experience may have left them forever changed.

It can even be depressing at times, not knowing where the loved one is or how they are doing. Studies show that music is a great way to deal with depression and PTSD.

In order to boost their own spirits, keep themselves strong, and love and support their soldiers, a group of women started the American Military Spouses Choir. They decided that music would benefit both them and their spouses. They auditioned on America’s Got Talent with a cover of the Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and gave an extremely unforgettable and touching performance.

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