VIDEO: Dog Spots Dolphins In The Water.What She Does Next Is The Cutest Thing Ever!

Kira is an adorable black Labrador that loves to swim out in the ocean along with wild dolphins. In the following video, you’ll get a firsthand look at how she has learned to interact with these intelligent sentient mammals.

As she is tracked with a GoPro camera, she leaps into the waters off the shores of Mozambique where she quickly paddles her way towards a wild dolphin. In the course of 30 seconds, she is following the dolphin in utter harmony. Neither Kira nor the dolphin exhibit any fear or trepidation in regards to one another. It is unique sight you’ll likely not see replicated anywhere else.

That said, it is a common place occurrence for the Kira and her master Noleen Withers, owner of the Somente Aqua Dolphin Center. The organization, located in Ponto de Ouro (Point of Gold), Mozambique, is dedicated to responsible eco-tourism. Withers and her staff take painstaking efforts to ensure the emotional state of the wild dolphins is not disturbed. Her staff understand how to read dolphin behavior.

If on any given day, the pod displays behavior that indicates they do not want to interact with humans, no one is allowed into the water. While this may prove disappointing to the tourists, it helps ensure the wild dolphins maintain their delicate balance.

If wild dolphins are disturbed, the results can affect their nursing habits, disrupt their resting and feeding. The Somente Aqua Dolphin Center hopes to promote more businesses to follow their model of harmony with wild dolphins.

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