VIDEO: Dog Protects The Baby, But Once The Camera Zooms In I Lose It. AWW

Parents are very protective of their children- and in this case, so are dogs. This malamute may look large and intimidating, but as you watch the video, you’ll notice it’s calm and motherly nature towards the baby. The child doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

In fact, the baby looks quite content with it’s furry friend, stroking the dog’s face with the sides of it’s tiny feet. Further on in the video, you’ll see that the malamute does teeth a little on the child’s toes, but don’t worry. Teething isn’t uncommon for puppies or older dogs. It isn’t a harsh action, rather a playful gesture.

Does this dog think the baby is it’s pup? It sure looks that way. Dogs have something called pack mentality, which drives them to protect and nurture living things that seem meek or helpless to them.

This is commonly seen in wild canines such as wolves. The alpha will protect all members of it’s pack no matter the cost. You can see that the malamute’s actions indicate that mentality. Instinct tells the dog not to harm the baby and instead watch over it. It is clear that these two will definitely be lifelong best friends.

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