VIDEO: Dog Is Terrified Of Something Upstairs. You’ll Crack Up When You Found Out What It Is.

Some people invest in large breed’s of dogs because they think that they will automatically make great guard dogs. That is not always the case as you will see in this video. Larger breeds of dogs can be just as afraid of certain things as small breeds of dogs might be.

In this video, you will see that the Great Dane is afraid of the person in the ghost costume. Some dogs when approached by this would attack rather than run away in fear, but this Great Dane which is a larger breed of dog, was actually scared of the person in the costume.

Some dogs might be more afraid on Halloween than others, if they are afraid of people in costumes or wearing masks. For the dogs safety and security, as well as for the safety and security of others, dogs who might be frightened by people fully clothed in costumes might want to keep their dogs locked up in a bedroom or something where an accidental bite could happen.

To some people this video might appear to be funny, but this dog is terrified of the person in the costume, and could be traumatized for the rest of its life.

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