VIDEO: Doctor Goes On National TV Talk Show To Disprove THIS. The GOP Is Going To Be Pissed

Jimmy Kimmel recently invited a group of doctors to speak on his show about vaccinations. The doctors stated that Hollywood parents are more afraid of gluten than their kids getting an illness like Small Pox.

One doctor said that “I cannot f***ing believe we have to make this announcement. Another doctor had the following to say, “Remember the time that you got Polio? No, you don’t because your parents got you vaccinated.” Jimmy Kimmel is a big proponent of getting kids vaccinated. Many people believe that he invited the doctors on the show to take a stab at parent who choose not to vaccinate their children.

More parents are opting not to have their children vaccinated. Doctors fear that these parents are putting their children at risk for preventable diseases.

They also believe that one of the reasons parents are choosing not to get their children vaccinated is because they fear there is a link between vaccinations and autism.

However, studies have shown that there is no link between the two. The doctors on Jimmy Kimmel’s show have upset a lot of parents. In fact, some people have openly criticized that particular segment of the show and said that it was ignorant.

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