VIDEO: Daddy Was Babysitting And He Decided To Film. He Captured The CUTEST Thing Ever. AWWWW!

Every parent in the world looks forward to their baby’s firsts. First smile, food, word, steps, plus so many more. Little ones are full of surprises and sometimes show their new moves without enough warning to grab the camera and capture every minute.

Don is one lucky guy, not only does he have an adorable, precious daughter with a sweet smile that lights a room but he also managed to capture a first on film, mere inches away from the action.

As he lay on the floor watching his daughter stare down the, almost equally, adorable family dog he noticed that she was getting on all fours. Slowly but surely the sweet girl begins to crawl, her very first time ever, over to her furry friend.

The dog only appears semi interested until the baby gets close. Once she succeeds in crawling all the way to her goal the dog rewards her with some puppy kisses. Needless to say Don the dad was thrilled to capture his daughter’s milestone up close and personal. As a proud father her just had to share his video with the world. With so many views at a young age perhaps this little lady will grow up in the limelight.

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