VIDEO: Daddy Commands Her To Smile. What She Does In Response? OMG NO WAY!

Most people would say that the pets they own are a part of the family. They might sleep in the same bed as their owner, go for rides in the car or even sit beside the dinner table.

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, and some of them are treated like children by their owners. Many dogs will do almost anything for the people who love them. This might include sitting beside them when they are sick or greeting them with a loving jump in the lap after they have been gone.

There are some people who like to take pictures of their dogs, just like they would do with their children. The owner of one Dalmatian tries to take a picture and wants to see if the dog will smile. His daughter is also in the picture, so he tells her to smile as well.

Although the owner seems to be playing with the dog, he is surprised when the animal appears to give a grin while he takes the picture. He gives a wide smile, showing his teeth for the camera. Everyone in the room is laughing as the family pet has given them a daily dose of entertainment simply by following a command.

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