VIDEO: Dad Blows on Mom’s Pregnant Tummy. What Happens Next Has Them Hitting Record

Anyone who has experienced the ups and downs of pregnancy knows how special some moments can be. Every mother and father remember the first time they felt their baby move inside the mother’s stomach. Many people will stimulate the mother’s stomach in order to get the baby to respond.

A recent video on YouTube of a man blowing raspberries on his wife’s stomach captured how priceless these responses can be. Some babies don’t respond to external stimuli, but that definitely wasn’t the case with this baby.

When this young couple saw their baby’s intense reaction to the raspberry, they knew they had to grab the video camera. The 47 second video starts with the father blowing a raspberry on the wife’s stomach, followed by an intense movement from the baby. This continues for a few more rounds of raspberries, with the baby reacting just as intensely each time.

The baby finally catches on for the last couple of raspberries, but it still moves quite a bit. It is moments like these that make prospective parents giddy with excitement over the idea of getting to raise this bundle of joy.

Many people think that stimulating the baby outside of the womb during pregnancy builds a strong bond between the stimulator and the baby once he or she is born. This dad is sure to have a special relationship with his daughter once she is born, as she will recognize the raspberries she loved so much while in the womb.

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