VIDEO: Cop Caught A Family Shoplifting, But Then Looks Down At Their Feet…Heartbreaking.

Roeland Park, Kansas – Officer Mark Engravalle has taken the solemn duty to protect and serve the people of this town of roughly 7,000 people the nation’s heartland. On one occasion, he received a call for a 484 – petty theft. It seems the local Walmart had caught a woman making off with a shopping cart full of unpaid items. Upon arrival, Officer Engravalle examined the shoplifter and saw something unexpected; she was a mother of six small children.

It turns out that Sarah, the children’s mother, had fallen on hard times over the past four years. Her husband and sole provider had unexpectedly perished leaving her to fend for a large family. This proved to be an overwhelming task. At this point, she and the children were living out of their car among the millions of homeless people across the country.

For his part, Officer Engravalle responded the exact same way the man did in the parable called “The Good Samaritan”. That is to say, he “was moved to compassion”. He did issue Sarah a citation, but it was for a minor shoplifting offense. He then paid for the goods she had attempted to purloin: baby wipes, diapers, children’s shoes, etc. Some of her children were shoeless and went about on dirty feet.

When news spread of the family’s plight and the officer’s kindness, the community responded. The local radio station even delivered a donation of $6,000 from their listeners. Hardships happen to innocent people. Watch the example of a good police officer and a caring community.

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