VIDEO: Cat Was Sure He Was Going To Catch A Bird,Then THIS Happened. So Funny!

It is often a lot of fun to watch videos of animal behavior. It can sometimes be surprising how similar to humans they are in their behavior and apparent thoughts.

Dogs and cats are especially fun to watch, because so many of us have them at home, and they do have remarkable human qualities at times. The cat in this video is no exception. It is clear that he has his own mind, quite like a human being.

Pretty much everyone knows that cats and birds do not really get along. In fact, cats see birds as their prey a lot of the time. This cat thought that he was going to have a tasty lunch in this bird, but he ended up being wrong.

He thought that he was being very sneaky and stealthy, but just as he was about to catch this bird and have a delicious meal, the bird flew away. Apparently, he is not quite as good as sneaking up on his prey as he thinks he is. His reaction is quite priceless as well, and you can tell that he is just so disappointed that he is not going to be able to eat this lucky bird.

Although it is definitely good for the bird that he was able to get away from this predator, it is not good for the cat and has apparently really hurt his self confidence. He will obviously just have to learn to be even sneakier the next time around.

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