VIDEO: Brother And His Little Sister Line Up. Once They Hit Play On The Music? Awesome!

Everyone loves a good viral dance video. These are especially endearing when the dancers are little kids. Countless videos of young kids dancing have gone viral, but they’re adorable and entertaining every time.

In one of the most recent viral dance videos, a six-year-old girl from New Jersey known as Princess Maji performs a dance routine with her older brown, James Brown. At the beginning of the video, the two are just warming up, but they quickly break out their impressive moves to Carvell’s remix of Maps by Maroon 5.

The Internet has gone crazy for the video of these two, proving that dance videos haven’t gone out of style, and probably never will. The siblings seem to be having a blast. Her dancing is both adorable and impressive, and her talent rivals many adult dancers.

Additionally, according to the girl’s brother, she choreographed the entire routine. In a comment on Facebook, James said she was the one who taught him the dance.

Shortly after being posted on Facebook, the video reached millions of views, and the little girl now has over 16,000 likes on her Facebook page. It seems like Princess Maji’s fame has just begun, and she’ll be a name that’s hard to forget.

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