VIDEO: Bravest Deer In The World! Watch How It Responds To This Hunter

Three men are out shooting at targets when a young faun is caught on camera–albeit jiggly–approaching a man lying in the grass as he is firing a rifle on a stand. The camera captures the tenacious deer as it approaches one of the three men, apparently curious about the man lying in the grass.

The adorable deer shows no signs of being timid, walking right up to him and licking him and his gun. The deer then begins to graze on the grass next to the rifle. The amused hunter gets up to observe the exceptional behavior of the deer, chuckling at its lack of fear.

Once the deer is finished licking his gun and grazing near it, the hunter puts his ear plugs back in and fires his rifle again. The brave deer ignores the sounds of the gun as it fires, appearing completely unaffected by the noise as it continues to graze in the field near the man. The lack of fear the deer shows is extremely unusual behavior.

It would seem to indicate that the deer was familiar with people. It may have been bottle fed by another human, breaking down the natural fear deers have around people. It makes one wonder if these men will hunt deer again, knowing that this friendly little faun may be out there.

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