VIDEO Boater Heard Noises From Under The Water. What Emerges Seconds Later? Fascinating!

While you are on the water in a boat, you never really know what might be lurking beneath you. There were a few boaters in the water one day when they saw a surprising scene. Fortunately, it was captured on camera.

At times, there could be animals that you want to see up close, but they don’t always make it to the surface of the water. When you’re in a boat, there is a chance that some of the animals in the water could be harmed. A group of people were on a boat because they wanted to look at whales.

What they saw instead is something that is rarely seen. There is no guarantee that you will see whales while you are on the water, but you can sometimes see two or three in the distanc from the boat. There are several birds that can be seen flying in the air.

They appear to be circling over something in the water. Suddenly, there are several whales that appear at the surface of the water. The seagulls that are flying over the water are dipping down to get a closer look while the whales give a show for the people who are on board the boat.

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