VIDEO: Bill Maher Calls Out The Duggars As The Biggest Freaks On Planet Earth

During his Friday night HBO show, “Real Time”, comedian and host Bill Maher took time to comment on the scandal involving the reality television family, the Duggars, who recently were forced to deal with the fact that their oldest son had admitted to molesting two of his sisters.

Maher excoriated the family, specifically referencing the parents, Jim Bob and Michelle when he called them “the biggest freaks in the world.” The basis for Maher’s comment was the fact that due to the continuing issue of population control across the world, the Duggars were being selfish for bringing some many children into the world.

The conflict between Maher and the Duggars should not be seen as a surprise, since they’re on completely opposite sides when it comes to religion. Maher is an atheist who often criticizes all faiths during his show, while the Duggars have been previously hailed by conservative Republican politicians as upholding Christian and family values.

Much of the outrage directed at the Duggars by others hasn’t bothered to mention that issue, instead focusing on the fact that the son in question and family as a whole chose to disclose the information when the statute of limitations had expired. The criticism also noted that such a revelation earlier would have ended the chance of having a reality series made about them.

The Duggar family became famous when the matriarch gave birth to 19 children over a 22-year span, which led to the start of their reality show in 2007.

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