VIDEO: Before She Started They Wrote Her Off, But She Ended Up Getting The Last Laugh. OMG!

She walked into am arena of thundering audience and she did not disappoint. Taylor Ware who is indicated to have enjoyed singing since she could remember, introduced herself confidently yet timidly as any eleven-year girl would. What do you do Taylor? the judge, Mr Pierce Morgan asks her. “I sing and and yodel..”

She goes on further to indicate that she taught herself from an instruction book and tape. “Why did you do that? Mr Pierce inquires more of Taylor’s unique singing style. “Um..I was seven and I really like the sound of it and I thought I might just try it, it was summer” Oh the sheer innocence of a tween’s idle summer adventure, only if you heard the consonance of yodels this adorable girl spews.

In deed Taylor taught herself well, because from the start of her performance to the end, her audience is ecstatic. The music starts with hybrid of country, bluegrass and 1920’s tempo, with complete rounded vocals, strong and reassuring, something that will quickly suck you into the mood.

Then the yodels come in, and soon you will be in that unforgettable place. The yodels are cleverly but naturally meshed into the vocals, words that will easily turn the coldest of critics to an instant yodeling fun. Taylor Ware easily makes yodeling and singing a natural combination and her performance will surely leave you intrigued.

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