VIDEO: Baby Was Shot 25 Feet Into The Air During Crash. What Happened Next? A True Miracle

A seven month old baby named Madison Goldsmith was riding in a van with her mother and a 15 year old girl. A car ran a red light and struck the van. The rescuers feared the worst when they had arrived on the scene. The baby girl’s car seat had been thrown about 25 feet away from the accident scene. However, when rescuers turned over the car seat, they found that Madison was safe. She even opened her eyes and smiled.

The baby girl and her mother were taken to the hospital for treatment, but they were released just a few hours later. Despite the fact that Madison’s life was put in danger during the accident, the only injury she had from the accident was a small bruise on her forehead. Madison’s mother is extremely thankful that they were able to survive the accident without any serious injuries.

Rhonda Mooney is a family member. She told news reporter that she believes that God does not make any mistakes.

She also believes that things happen according to God’s will, and this is something that she tells people all of the time. Rhonda Mooney believes in giving credit when credit is due.

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