VIDEO: Baby Deer Lost Its Mommy And It Wants These Hikers To Take Her Place…AWW!

Most people who live in rural areas understand that deer can seem like pets at times because the animals are frequently seen in neighborhoods. In fact, deer are often seen in rural areas and many people do not look twice when seeing them in their backyard.

According to a women who described the incident on the video, “We were walking and we heard something and we saw it.” At first, they thought it was a small fox, but it was a small spotted fawn. The helpless fawn had lost his mother and seemed to be wandering around helplessly trying to find her. The fawn was receptive to the people in the video and did not seem to be afraid.

There could be several reasons this happened, which include the small fawn could have been hungry and had not developed enough self-preservation behaviors that were taught by his mother. The small fawn was not fearful of humans, which is not normal for deer as most are cautious around large mammals. After the fawn was given some water, the people were not able to get the fawn to stop following them.

The group of individuals joked about taking the small fawn home with them and keeping him for a pet, and it is understandable why. The small fawn is helpless and looking for comfort and affection. This video is similar to another one posted about a small fawn who made a friend in a cat, which is highly unlikely but very adorable.

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