VIDEO: At First They Wanted To Arrest This Vet For Stealing This Dog. But Soon They Saw Why. OMG

Having to put down your pet is a very difficult experience for anybody, but what happened to one family’s dog will really make you cringe. When Marian Harris brought her dog Syd to a veterinary clinic for an examination, she was told some very bad news: the dog was too sick and the only possible course of action was euthanasia. The family then bid a tearful goodbye to Syd, believing that it would be the last time they would ever get to see him.

But instead of putting down the dog, the vet actually kept him alive in a cage and used him to perform blood transfusions. It was a former employee at the veterinary clinic that got in touch with Harris to tell her that the dog was still alive. This caused police to become involved and the dog and owner were then reunited.

Millard Lucien Tierce, who owns the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, has turned himself in and is now defending his actions. He has told media sources that he is the victim of a former employee who is out to get back at him. Tierce stated that he kept the dog alive as he was emotionally incapable of putting him down, opting instead of using the dog’s blood for transfusions.

This claim has been met with skepticism by many, as the owner of the pet clinic is 70 years old and has had to put down many other animals in the past. Syd has now been reunited with his family.

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