VIDEO: At First I Couldn’t Tell What He Was Making, But The End Result Is BRILLIANT!

Want a great idea for a sparkly Christmas light, a bedroom décor light or a party decoration? Make a sparkle ball that’s unique, easy, and only requires a few items. What you will need: • Stapler • Fifty clear plastic cups • Three clothes pins • Two strands of LED lights • Drill or other hole-punching tool

Step one: Drill a hole into the bottom of all fifty cups.

Step two: Make a circle using twelve cups. Use the clothes pins to hold three of the cups together for support as you begin to staple them, then continue on: add-a-cup, staple, and so-on until you’ve made a complete ring.

Step three: Add your second tier of cups on top of the ring of twelve. Using your clothes pins, pin three cups to the assembled ring and begin stapling your second row – to each other and to the bottom tier.

Step four: Add your third tier using four more cups in the same way as the bottom two piers. Once you’ve stapled the last four cups, you will have finished half of your sparkle ball.

Step five: Following the same pattern, complete the second half of your sparkle ball.

Step six: Thread one strand of LED lights into each half of your ball – one bulb through one hole of each cup.

Step seven: Once each half has a lightbulb in each cup, put the two halves of your ball together and staple it all the way around. You can use the clothes pins for support as you staple. Be sure all the cups are stapled well. Now your sparkle ball is complete!

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