VIDEO: As Soon As Her Mouth Opened All The Judges Freaked Out And Lost Their Cool!

A 13 year old girl recently blew away the judges on Germany’s version of the popular hit television show /The Voice. Laura Kamhuber, was able to be on The Voice Kids Germany and performed an amazing solo. She chose to sing, “I Will Always Love You”, by the late Whitney Houston. This song is not an easy song to master. There are several high notes that must be hit, and only very gifted signers can achieve this.

While Laura sings the song, the judges are extremely impressed and begin to hit their buttons showing that they approve of her singing and want to coach her further into the game. Even when the song is finishing up, the judges continue to keep on pressing their buttons showing their love for the young girl’s singing.

One judge even asks Laura to sit in another judges chair. He then tells her that this song is “unsingable” yet she manages to nail it.

Laura can choose from any judge, but she decided that she should stick with Lena Meyer-Landrut and chose her to be her coach. Though she did not make it all the way to the end, this young girl still has a powerful voice that is worthy of the show.

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