VIDEO: As Soon As He Walks Away From The Piano, This Puppy Does The Cutest Thing 

Puppies usually enjoy following their owners around when they get the chance. For this pet owner, his puppy just seems to do the sweetest thing whenever he does a certain thing. As a piano player, he practices his piano often, and his dog seems to just love it when he plays over and over again.

As he continues to play the piano, his dog sits by his feet under the table and just enjoys the music as he plays. The dog clearly enjoys hearing his owner play the piano. As he stands up and walks away, the dog follows him and looks up at him as if asking him to continue playing with that instrument. He decides to walk back to the piano, and as soon as he starts sitting down and playing, the little puppy decides to go back to his same position; laying by the left food of the piano player.

The owner decides to do it multiple times, and it’s obvious that the little puppy continues to literally ask his owner to continue playing after the owner has stopped playing. It’s the cutest little thing to witness if you’re a puppy lover because of how the dog really loves his owner’s music. If you want to watch a cute dog smiling and enjoying his owner’s piano music, this is the perfect video to watch.

This dog clearly enjoys being with his owner. Considering he is great at how he plays his music, the puppy clearly knows what good music is.

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