VIDEO: Ariana Grande Sings Opera With Andrea Bocelli and It’s Astonishingly Breathtaking

Ariana Grande has been making quite the name for herself in the musical world, but it’s only recently that her fans have started to discover just how remarkable and extensive her talent truly is. Jimmy Fallon helped give millions a glimpse of this unknown side of her when he recently challenged her to imitate a number of singers.

And she was able to do so flawlessly -one of the singers she was asked to mimic was Christina Aguilera, who is known to have one of the most challenging vocal ranges in popular music today. Clearly Grande is much more than just a pretty face, and she has started branching out into music which allows her to demonstrate the breadth of her indisputable talent far more than the bubblegum pop that she cut her teeth on. Her current collaboration is with opera master Andrea Bocelli.

Bocelli is an amazing artist and is also blind. But he easily makes up for one lacking sense with his exquisitely developed voice. He has thrilled audiences all over the world with his remarkable built-in instrument. Grande has joined him for the song “E Piu Ti Penso” which is known for being an especially classic duet. In addition to being popular, it is famously challenging to perform – but that didn’t dissuade her. Grande’s delicately ethereal voice blends perfectly with Bocelli’s strong tone in this video, which features sweeping views of both Italy and America. Fans will be able to buy the song on its own on 23 October and as part of Bocelli’s album “Cinema,” which has yet to be released.

Grande is opening herself up to a lot more fans because of this collaboration with Bocelli – and the opera giant might just pick up a few enthusiasts himself as her fans discover him. It’s a beautiful testament to the power of music to unite people of different backgrounds and interests. Meanwhile, a world of possibilities awaits for this enormously talented young performer. Let’s hope to hear more from Grande soon, and in the meantime check out the video!

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