VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Rarely Cries, But THIS Had Tears Rolling Down His Face. WOW

Some people who are on the news have surprising reactions to what they find out. Anderson Cooper is one of those people. He was informed about a slave who killed one of his ancestors with a farm hoe. There is a video that shows his shocking reaction.

Cooper was doing some research about his own family. He wanted to know where he came from, and he discovered that there were slaves as a part of his family. A distant grandfather is the one who owned slaves. One of the many slaves owned ended up killing the grandfather with a hoe.

The information that was released about the killing wasn’t even that compassionate. It gave very few details about the killing only that it was done by a negro. Cooper found out about the killing on a popular television show that gives celebrities information about their family history.

Cooper almost laughs about the news. He doesn’t feel bad that he was killed in this way because he owned slaves. He feels bad for the slaves who were owned by Cooper’s grandfather. The slave was hanged for the act that was committed. It seems like Cooper feels more compassion for the slaves than for his family.

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