VIDEO: After You See This Video You’ll Be Dumbfounded She Ever Got Her License. LOL!

Car designers seem to be taking things to another level when it comes to the future of how cars look, but that hasn’t happened yet. People who rive should know how to maneuver through a parking lot before they get out on the road.

One driver, who was caught on camera, tried to back up her van so that she could get to the gas tank. There was nothing in front of the tanks, so she could have simply turned around and pulled through instead of trying to back up, but she seemed to want to do everything the hard way.

This woman tries backing up to get to the pump, and then she finally rives around the tanks to get to the other side. However, she stops again on the other side of the tanks where she just left. Maybe she has a car that has more than one gas tank and more than one side where the gas tank can be found.

It’s a simple minivan, making this a situation where you have to wonder where the woman got her license and learned anything about cars. While she’s parked getting gas, she goes from one side to the other to try to get to the gas cap to put gas in the van.

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