VIDEO: After Seeing This Video, My Avocados Never Turned Brown Again

Avocados are a wonderful food. They are healthy, and they can make some delicious guacamole. However, sometimes you do not want to eat the entire avocado and want to leave half of it for later. The problem with this is that often, the half that you leave will turn brown. All those brown avocados are not dangerous, they look somewhat unappetizing. there are things that you can do to stop avocados from becoming brown.

The top two methods involve onions and lemon juice, respectively. With the onions, all you have to do is chop onions into big pieces and put them into a container, with the avocado half on top. Seal up the container, and refrigerate it. With the lemon juice, simply brush the avocado with the juice and put it into a container, sealed. The lemon juice is said to inhibit oxidation, which is what is responsible for the browning of avocados.

Alternatively, you can brush the avocado with olive oil and put it into a container, or put it into a sealed plastic baggie with as much air sucked out as possible. You want to minimize the air exposure.

Whatever you decide to do, try to leave the pit in the half of the avocado you are saving. If you are cutting them in half, eat the one without the pit first, so that you can keep the pit in the other one. Keeping the pit in is one of the best ways to preserve the avocado’s freshness.

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