VIDEO: After Seeing This, I’ll Never Use A Shovel Again To Clear Snow. OMG AMAZING!

Joshua Jordan of West Virginia stumbled upon what may well be the greatest life hack discovered this winter. With the majority of the Northeastern United States covered in a thick layer of snow, I’m sure many wished they’d learned about it sooner.

Shoveling is back breaking labor, especially in thick heavy snow. We buy expensive machines to make the job easier or at least more enjoyable. We hire others to do the work for us but after seeing this, we want to get out there and try it ourselves. Joshua has applied timeless snow fun to a detestable chore like shoveling and made it faster, easier, and downright enjoyable.

Applying a playful yet effective approach to clearing a path in thick dense snow, Joshua blows us away using only his hands and a little elbow grease to clear a path across his yard in record time. Beginning with a small ball of snow he almost effortlessly rolls it into a giant snowball, picking up all the snow in his path along the way. Something we likely did as children many times over but never applied to the ‘grownup’ job of shoveling the driveway or walkway.

A broken shovel or bad back can’t stop him from creating a snow free walkway, as long as he remembers his gloves. Not only fun but effective, everyone needs to see this in action.

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