VIDEO: Abusive Teacher Secretly Caught On Camera – He Got EXACTLY What He Deserved!!

It can sometimes become very hard to tell if any parent can trust any type of teacher these days. In this article, it explains what a teacher did physically and verbally to a student of his. How this little girl reacted to it is not a way many will see fit, yet a lot do applaud her because of the way she handled it.

The little girl is seen standing in front of her classroom while her teacher is yelling and waving his hands at her asking her what she came there to study, meanwhile being humiliated in front of her peers. He then repeatedly continues to asks her to repeat the words on the blackboard, and to translate the word “You” into Russian in a very belligerent way.

It is unclear of what the child is saying back to the teacher, but the girl continues to keep her head down low. The teacher then bends down to reach her level and continues yelling in her face, he then begins to physically poke her in the head with his finger in a violent way, which resolved in the little girl kicking him in the knee.

This article is a excellent example of bullying and how most children handle it and also that it needs to be out to a end. Bullying comes in all ages and gender. No child or even a adult should ever have to deal with bullying by anyone, especially by a teacher.

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