VIDEO: A Wild Sheep Is Caught On A Tree Branch. Just Wait Until You See Who Rescues Him

Mouflons are a type of wild sheep. Generally, they are quite shy. The large, curved horns that are on the male sheep make them capable of harm, but in general, when it comes to humans, they are more likely to avoid people than attack them.

One day, a Polish jogger found a mouflon whose horns were tangled with a tree branch. He had to make a decision about what to do here. Many people would have just continued to jog on, because this animal was a wild animal and naturally unpredictable. However, he decided to help the animal break free.

In this video, it is obvious is that the sheep is in a great deal of stress and behaving erratically. It continuously circles around the tree and tries to shake its head in order to break away from the tree branch. Furthermore, when the joggers come along, the animal is even more distressed and spooked.

For a short time, the jogger tries to use a stick to help the mouflon break free of the tree branch. However, when this does not work, he does something truly amazing and grabs the horn of the animal with his hand. he is able to rescue the mouflon by doing this, and it is truly admirable considering that he could not have known that he would be safe literally grabbing an animal by its horns like that. However, he was able to save this animal, and he was able to emerge safe as well.

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