VIDEO: A Trick To Wrapping Weirdly Shaped Gifts. I Never Knew How Easy It Really Is

Some gifts are easy to wrap; they fit neatly into boxes with clean edges. Other items such as tennis rackets and loose toys are randomly shaped with protruding components, and I hide them at the bottom of gift bags under piles of tissue paper.

Then I fill the bag with messy paper shreds and fillers hoping the present will be as fun to open as a wrapped package. This video, however, proves that oddly shaped objects are not as hard to wrap as I thought.

Amy Goodman, Editor of Zulily Lifestyle, is shown during a visit to the Meredith Vieira Show teaching us how to wrap challenging gifts. She demonstrates a method derived from the art of origami to create an attractive wrapping for a football.

The process is simple, yet the package is lovely. All she uses is paper, scissors, and tape to make a beautifully wrapped gift. My family members and friends will receive no more boring gift bags from me!

This gift wrapping technique is perfect for all special events…birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and holidays of every type. Plus my recipients will have paper to rip rather than just sacks to reach their hands into for their prizes.

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