VIDEO: A Scared Stray Is Rushed To The Vet, But You Won’t Believe What The Doctor Does…

There’s no doubt that an emergency room can be a hectic environment, and animal emergency rooms are no different. Vet Ranch, a web-series on YouTube, is an exciting documentation of a group of veterinarians helping less fortunate animals. And this show can give you a glimpse of how fast-paced pet hospitals actually are.

Dr. Matt, the creator of the show, has made it his purpose in life to help animals that can’t receive regular treatment due to financial problems or neglect. In the beginning of the video, Gregor the dog had just arrived at the clinic, and the outlook unfortunately seemed grim. Gregor was ridden with ticks and fleas, and he was suffering severe injuries from being attacked by another dog. If the dog had not received any sort of medical attention fast, he would be euthanized. Gregor was on death row.

With one hour left to find medical treatment before his execution, the Vet Ranch stepped up and took Gregor in. At first glance Dr. Matt knew Gregor wouldn’t be an easy patient. The dog would require extensive treatment, it would be a long time before things returned to normal for Gregor, but he also knew that it wasn’t out of his power to save him.

By the time the video ends, Gregor has been transformed. You simply won’t believe how well his health improves becayse of Dr. Matt’s care.

The video is graphic at times. The content of this episode may be disturbing for some people. It’s such a relief that Dr. Matt and his helpers were able to help Gregor make a recovery! Don’t forget to share this amazing story of strength and perseverance with your friends and family!

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