VIDEO: A Psycho Set Her On Fire. 2 Years Later, She Removes Her Mask To Shows Her New Face

Sometimes, people will become victims for no good reason. It does not seem fair, but some of these individuals know how to make the best of it.

A 28 year old woman in Perth, Australia named Dana Vulin was attacked by a woman who was trying to destroy her “pretty little face.” The reason was that Dana had been speaking to this woman’s husband at some party. Dana ended up with all sorts of horrible third degree burns on almost 60 percent of her body. Where many people would have been absolutely devastated and allowed this to ruin their lives, Dana decided to take a different approach to this heinous thing that had happened to her.

Although her appearance had been permanently altered, Dana reacted with grace, strength, and resilience. She went through multiple reconstructive surgeries and is now taking off the mask she has been wearing to show the world her new face. She stated, “I hope they see the scars. This is part of me now.” She knows she looks different, and she is not interested in hiding it. This makes perfect sense, because this experience, as difficult as it has been, as made her even stronger and shaped her as a person.

This young woman is beautiful inside and out, and it is amazing how she has been transformed by the procedures. However, this is not the most impressive part about Dana Vulin. It is her strength and courage that make her a true inspiration to all.

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