VIDEO: A Prison Mate Was In The Park With A Pitbull, So I Started Filming. Never Did I Imagine…

A prison in Massachusetts is participating in a groundbreaking program involving prisoners and shelter dogs. This mutually beneficial program has changed these prisoners in more ways than anyone thought possible.

The program places rescued dogs with prisoners, who are tasked with caring for the animal during their incarceration. The dogs, who are all without a home or family, allow the prisoners to form an intense bond that oftentimes changes the lives of these convicted criminals, reminding them of their humanity and what it means to feel love an compassion for another living being.

Both dog and human are considered social outcasts. The prisoners, who are responsible for all the day to day needs of the dog, not only learn how to care for something, but also how to take care of something. The responsibility will more than likely have a profound effect on the inmate’s life.

The dogs that are placed with these prisoners are breeds that society considers undesirable, like pit bulls or rottweilers. Inmates tend to connect with these breeds better, as they themselves often feel like they are considered unacceptable by society.

A new documentary called Dogs on the Inside profiles this unique and amazing program, and the prisoners and dogs that are participating in it.

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