VIDEO: A Pit Bull And A Dachshund Got Pregnant. When I Saw Their Puppy? NO WAY!

Because of his charming features, Rami, a 1 year old mix breed dog, has quickly gone viral. Rami got an aggressive-looking face and a tiny body. This unusual look has been inherited from his dad and mom, which came from two distinct breeds – a dachshund and a pit bull. This combination sounds crazy and unbelievable!

With 25 pounds in weight, Rami is currently taken cared of at the Humane Society in Moultrie Colquitt County, Georgia. He is a sweet dog but his caregivers believe that he is too hyper for adoption into homes with small children. They think he needs some proper training.

In spite of that, a lot of people are in love with him quickly. Now, Rami is a full-pledged online star! Seriously, you would never see a dog like this. He is entirely strange and looks unique but very cute.

The workers in Humane Society are highly selective in picking a family who will adopt him. They say that they do not want him to end up like a “freak show.” The workers also noted that they are just a small shelter and because of unlimited funds, they would not be able to provide a means of transportation. However, they appreciate the public’s interest on the sweet Rami. They also reminded the public that there a many homeless animals in various shelters that are as unique as Rami.

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