VIDEO: A Monster Tied Their Dog To A Tree During A Storm. Moments Later A Stranger Saves His Life

Cruelty to animals is something that too often goes unreported. Some people think that animal life is less valuable than humans, and treat them terribly as a result. Luckily, there are good people in the world who rescue these animals.

Recently, a dog was left out by an ignorant owner during an intense thunderstorm in Denver, Colorado. The thunderstorm featured strong wind and hail that could have took the dog’s life. Thankfully, the person’s neighbors sprung into action.

A man named Casey Boatman just happened to see the dog when he was scrambling to shut his windows during the storm. He saw the dog tied to a tree as it was pelted by large stones of hail. Before he could get to his door and save the dog, another neighbor was out there saving the day. After a few minutes, the neighbor was able to untie the dog and lead it to safety.

There is video evidence of this courageous act, which was captured by Boatman. He put the footage on the Internet in hopes that it would shed some light on the seriousness of animal abuse. There has been no word on whether the owner of the dog will face charges.

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