VIDEO: A Marine Points At His Hero When He Finishes His Performance. And The Crowd Goes WILD!

When a marine is on stage, most people stop to pay attention to what is being said. This marine was singing in front of a group of people. When he finished, he pointed to his hero, and the crowd exploded with applause.

Jimmy Rose is a man who has had a talent for singing since he was very young. He’s from Kentucky, and when he was singing his latest tune, it touched so many of the people who heard him.

Rose believes that there are a few options for people who are like him. They can go to school to get a better education, enter the military or join the other people in the state who work in the coal mines. He didn’t really have a shot at going to college, so he went to work as a coal miner.

When this proved to be a little too dangerous for him, he enlisted in the military. While he was in Iraq, Rose learned how to play a guitar. He started writing songs, and one of the songs he wrote was about the town where he grew up and the struggles that the town has faced. He performed the song on America’s Got Talent, and pointed at his parents after he got done singing.

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