VIDEO: A Man Called 911 Over 4,000 Time In One Week, So They Did This To Him. OH MY!

Utah 911 dispatchers gave a generous gift to a local man who called 911 over 4,000 times within a week. Dispatchers were initially upset at the large amount of calls being placed by a single number. Every time they were answered by a dispatcher, the caller hung up.

Time was then taken to research and try to call back the caller, potentially preventing a true emergency from being immediately answered. Calling 911 when there is not an emergency is against the law, and can result in a citation. When the police were asked to investigate the calls, they found that they were being placed by 30-year-old David VanBibber. He is mentally disabled and was trying to listen to music on a non-working cell phone.

All cell phones are required by law to be able to connect with 911, even if they are no longer in use or under contract. Instead of music, VanBibber called 911 each time, hanging up when someone answered.

No citation was issued to VanBibber, but the cell phone was removed from his possession. Saddened by the loss of his phone and his ability to listen to music, the dispatchers pooled their money together to buy a touchscreen iPod for VanBibber, along with a $100 dollar iTunes gift card, so he can listen to music without a phone. The gift was gratefully received by VanBibber and his parents, who take care of VanBibber in their home.

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