VIDEO: A K9 And His Fallen Soldier Arrived Home. What The Bag Handlers Do? I Cried.

When soldiers return home, there are family and friends waiting for them. Some might meet them at the airport while some might have a party ready for them at home. One soldier arrived home with his K-9, but he arrived home in a casket. The baggage handlers played a role as well, making the event somber and heartbreaking.

This video has even more meaning as the K-9 also died. Both of them arrived on a Delta flight. When the caskets were taken off the plane, they were given a fitting ceremony by the baggage handlers.

They all stood on the tarmac of the Atlanta airport. The dog was a bomb sniffing dog, and while he and his owner were patrolling, they were killed by an IED. There are not many people who know that Delta employees perform this kind of service, but it’s something that other airlines should take note of as it’s a way to show respect for those who protect the country.

The video shows the larger casket of the soldier and the smaller casket of the dog. This is a time when strangers came together in a way to honor the fallen, and while the names might not be known, it’s recognized by those who loved the soldier and his companion.

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