VIDEO: A Homeless Former Marine Sits Down At A Piano… Once He Hits The First Key…

51 year-old Donald Groud is an ex-marine. He’s also currently homeless in Sarasota, Florida. The Sarasota Keys Project is a nonprofit organization that has set up seven pianos in locations in the southwestern Florida city. The goal of the project is to deliver the gift of art, music included, to the city’s downtown area. Groud plays one of the designated pianos on a daily basis. Many of the people who watch and hear him are absolutely stunned by his musical abilities.

Admirer Aroar Natasha uploaded a clip of Groud making magic on the piano onto social networking website Facebook on June 29th. The video’s caption was “Just took my breath away. Wow.” Many people who viewed the clip agreed with the sentiment 100 percent.

Local news station WFLA spoke to Groud in response to the memorable clip. He told the reporter that he feels passionate about playing the piano, and also that he truly enjoys making those who listen to him smile. He told the reporter that he plays the piano to earn tips due to his current lack of home, too.

Times have been tough for Groud. His wife passed away back in 1998. He also lost custody of his son due to his dependence on drugs. Groud told WFLA that he struggles with not having his son in his life on a daily basis. He also remarked that his son celebrated his 18th birthday on August 24th. Lastly, he indicated that he wants his son to look for him so they can reunite.

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