VIDEO: A Cop Stumbles On A Pregnant Mom Sleeping In A Car, What He Does Shocked The Towne

The Woods were moving back to Eugene, Oregon from their current home in Alaska. This was the hometown of Robert Wood. He, along with his pregnant wife and two kids, did not have anywhere to stay for the night when they got to Oregon. They were still looking for a house, and they wanted to save money rather than going to a hotel. As such, Robert thought that sleeping in the car might be a good idea. They would just stay there for the night, and see how it went from then on.

They ended up parking the car at Alton Baker Park, and they settled down there for the night. However, they were not prepared for a police officer to knock on the window.

David Natt, a police officer in Eugene, knocked, and they thought that he was going to give them trouble. However, he did the exact opposite. It was a cold night, and the officer wanted to help them. He asked them if they were in need of a place to stay that night.

Officer Natt said that anyone could be in the position where this family was, and “It’s part of our three-word motto…protect, serve and care. And you have to take each one of those in all circumstances to heart when you’re making your decision.” This is a heartwarming story, because there are way too many stories out there involving cops and people getting into ugly and even violent confrontations. This is a nice change.

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