VIDEO: 7-Year-Old Shuts Scott Walker Down With Only 2 Questions!! He’s Such A Loser!

With Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker expected to run for president in 2016, his public appearances have increased, which is seen as a positive. However, it also holds danger for any candidate when they’re faced with potentially controversial questions.

During an appearance last week, Walker was asked two questions by seven-year-old Aaron Stark, both having to do with climate change.

Stark, who’s currently in the second grade, asked Walker, “If you were president, what would you do about climate change.” Walker’s response could barely be heard, but it dealt with having been a Boy Scout and learning to keep campsites clean.

The boy then asked a more pointed question, saying, “Do you care about climate change?” Walker’s response discussed how natural resources needed to be secured for all individuals, and explained that was what he’s already done in Wisconsin.

Walker, who is seen as an early frontrunner for the nomination, has been connected to a great deal of controversy since first being elected governor in 2010. Almost immediately after taking office, Walker sought to eliminate public employee unions in his state, specifically focusing on those related to teachers and safety officials.

Largely successful in that endeavor, Walker soon faced an attempt to recall him from office, and effort that failed. Last November, he was elected to his second term in office.

Walker has been criticized by opponents for his courtship of the controversial Koch brothers, who have funded many Conservative politicians’ campaigns and who believe that climate change is a hoax.

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