VIDEO: 60-Yr-Old Grandma Does Something Beyond Words, The Judges Are Freaking Out

A woman whose nickname is Silvia Silvia is not your typical 60 year-old grandmother. She performed tricks on America’s Got Talent that shocked the judges. The first trick that she did put her husband’s life at risk. He balanced a balloon, and she shot an arrow at the balloon. The judges are wowed by the act, and her husband looks relieved that the arrow did not hit him.

She then performed a trick that put her own life at risk. She places an apple on top of her head and then uses an arrow to shoot the apple off of her head. The way that she choreographed the trick is truly amazing. You can hear one of the judges in the background saying, “She is risking her own life.”

The judges were so impressed with Silvia that they gave her a standing ovation when she had completed her trick. They also had a look of amazement on their faces. It is obvious that Silvia will not be slowing down or stopping anytime soon. The video of Silvia’s death-defying performance has gone viral.

It has received over 101,000 views on YouTube and 326,000 on Facebook. Online viewers were also impressed with Silvia’s performance.

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