VIDEO: 5 Decades Later, He Version Of This Song Brought The Original Artist To Tears. WOW!

The Sound of Music is a truly timeless film with a moving score enhanced by one of the all time best voices, Julie Andrews. The 2015 Academy Awards commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Oscar winning film and Oscar winning soundtrack by commissioning Lady Gaga to perform a medley from the film.

Singing Ms. Andrews’ signature songs at the Oscars would be a daunting prospect for any singer but the fierce show woman Lady Gaga rose to the challenge and then exceeded it.

If you were lucky enough to catch this year’s ceremony, you are probably still treasuring the amazing performance of Lady Gaga. And if you missed it, you have probably heard a bit about it on the news or trending on social media and have been curious about all the buzz. Either way, you will enjoy watching (or re-watching) the stunning performance. The performance was the number one Oscar moment across all social media.

It was wonderful to see, the usually brash and wild, Lady Gaga do a tasteful rendition of the best of The Sound of Music accompanied by strings and then a choir. While we would not normally associate Gaga with the likes of the lovely Julie Andrews, she did a stellar job and moved the audience and the world wide viewers.

But most importantly, Lady Gaga also moved Ms. Andrews to tears with her stirring rendition of The Sound of Music jewels.

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