VIDEO: 11 Years Ago, Patrick Swayze Danced A Duet With His Wife And Made MILLIONS Cry…

At the World Music Awards in 1994, Patrick Swayze danced with his beautiful wife, Lisa Nieme on international television. The couple danced to the song “All the Man that I Need” while paying tribute to Whitney Houston. This romantic and memorable television scene occurred only a few years after he starred in Dirty Dancing, a movie that made him extremely popular on the world stage.

While this clip is being watched over and over again since Patrick’s tragic death in 2009, fans can see a special bond between him and his wife Lisa. The video is proof that, during their 34 year marriage and right until the end of his life, their love for each other never wavered.

Patrick and Lisa first met in 1970 when Lisa was taking dance lessons from his mother. Patrick was only 18 years old at the time, and Lisa was his first real, true love. She also turned out to be is last, and only love during his lifetime.

Whitney Houston, a romantic herself, seemed to be extremely happy with the couple’s performance. During the video, you can see her clapping loudly and smiling as the music played on in tribute to her. This dance seems to be on of the most memorable moments ever recorded of Patrick and Lisa before he passed away.

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