Using His Remote Drone This Man Exposed One of America’s Biggest Secrets

A drone just exposed the evil practices that are going on at Smithfield Foods. This is a pig farm that is located in North Carolina. The drone was flown over the farm by a filmmaker named Mark Devries. He saw that the farm had dozens of pigs swimming in a cesspool. The pool was filled with urine and feces.

Don Webb is a local farmer. He stated that the pig waste is collected in warehouses and then dumped into a pool that is big enough to accumulate all of the waste in a small city. That is not the worst part. What is done with the waste is even more disturbing.

The waste is emptied into garden sprayers, which disperse the toxic waste into the air. The urine and pellets of feces contaminate the communities. At first, the residents thought that it was rain. However, they knew that something was wrong when they noticed a foul odor.

They stated that even though they keep the doors and windows closed, the odor still comes in the home. They stated that the odor is so strong that it takes their breath away. The residents also stated that the odor gives them headaches.

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