US Intelligence Confirms: Trump Is Actively Being Blackmailed By Russia

US Intelligence Confirms: Trump Is Actively Being Blackmailed By Russia

Last week, CNN put out a report that shocked the nation. Both President Obama and the president-elect received a damning report revealing what eight intelligence agencies have discovered about Trump’s ties to Russia. According to the report, several Russian operatives are alleging that they have access to information that could severely compromise the president-elect. Ranging from personal data to shocking financial disclosures, these allegations are indeed very serious.

The report also seems to indicate that some of Trump’s team had been in contact with Russian operatives throughout the 2016 election. The intelligence officers who presented this information to Trump are considered some of the most experienced officials in the country and it appears that some of the information was provided to them through a British operative with whom they are very familiar.

Furthermore, the information also seemed to indicate that Trump’s campaign was also hacked. However, instead of providing the information to Wikileaks, the Russians instead decided to hang onto the information for leverage. Among other things, the claims put forth also indicate that Trump may have been filmed during an orgy, and that the Russian government is holding a sex tape over his head in order to make him more agreeable to their needs.

With more and more information coming out on this topic, Americans are growing increasingly unsettled about the prospect of Donald Trump taking over the highest office in the land. As Inauguration Day looms closer and closer, it’s anyone’s guess as to how much more information will emerge.

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